Friends of the Band


Friends of the Band


The Band exists as a charity to promote music in the community and to encourage the development of musical skills amongst players. In doing so we have many expenses to meet during the course of the year which include - Rehearsal facilities, Public Liability Insurance and Performing Rights Society dues. The expenses are met in the main by members subscriptions and performing concerts which attract a fee. However with the rising costs of music publication and the expenses which we have to find we have created a "Friends of the Band" association which gives you the opportunity to support the Bands activities. For a donation of £5.00 per year you will receive newsletters and regular updates of our performances to which we hope you will be able to attend during the course of the year and share with us the enjoyment of the music that we create.


For further details and application to join members of the Band please contact:


Tina Croxford

49, Fitzroy Road




or By Telephone: 01227 265113


***** If you are able to support us, we thank you *****